Workplace bullying and mental health counseling

Minding the Workplace


Counseling Today devotes an excellent cover story by Laurie Meyers to the effects of bullying behaviors, school, workplace, and online. Jessi Eden Brown, a licensed mental health counselor and coach affiliated with the Workplace Bullying Institute, is a featured interviewee and shares a wealth of important information on workplace bullying and how to work with targets.

Jessi has counseled and coached hundreds of people who have experienced workplace bullying, and her knowledge of this subject is second to none. She includes a bit of her own story in explaining how she works with clients:

Brown began specializing in counseling clients who have experienced workplace bullying after going through the experience herself in two different positions. “Both times were painful and deeply confusing,” she says. “I seriously considered leaving the counseling profession after the second experience.”

However, a friend who was doing web design for WBI introduced her to…

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