Effectively Managing Workplace Conflict

Conflict is inherently neutral.  It is simply the time and space where differences meet.

Our reaction to differences determines whether conflict will be constructive and productive – or destructive and damaging.  Destructive conflict drains energy, creativity, and productivity.

How can workplaces stay off the Cycle of Destructive Conflict?  First, it requires a willingness to view conflict through a new and different lens.  And, second, it requires the ability to maintain communication and effectively share information when we perceive conflict.

Are your employees or teams at constant battle and/or avoiding communication?  Have you noticed a decrease in productivity?  Is morale down?  These are signs that your workplace is caught in a Cycle of Destructive Conflict.


About Debra Healy
Conflict Consultant Specializing in Employment and Workplace Conflict Mediation/Facilitation/Conflict Coaching/Conflict Training

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